Monday, 12 October 2009

Owls That!

Unfortunately the rarest thing in today's report was the lack of wind!! It made slogging the isle much easier, but decidedly warm!!
Birding highlights were the same ones that have been around for days - River Warbler, 2+ Little Buntings and 2 Bluethroats. A couple of Yellow-browed Warblers were new though but yesterdays elusive 'Loco' turned out to be just another Gropper (while our neighbours to the north AND south were finding Lanceolated Warblers!!!). My personal highlight was flushing a couple of Short-eared Owls and a Long-eared Owl, all roosting together in the rough grassy bank below the school. An influx of Chiffchaffs (13 in total) included three grey-brown individuals lacking in any obvious green or yellow, certainly of eastern origin - but how far? Thrush numbers were much lower but 75 Fieldfare is an increase, Blackcaps have risen to 21 and 3 Greenfinch were totally new!

Hollie took one pony, Storm, out again with the two Kenaby girls but I'd say it was the other one that needs the exercise!!!

Lubo doesn't need any extra exercise and I dared to leave him at home this afternoon. As the saying goes "absence makes the hard grow fonder" and he was mightily pleased to see me later on. I rewarded him with a worming tablet and even though I hid it inside a veggie sausage, he found it......but ate it anyway! And Yes, he ate the sausage too!!!!!

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