Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sterling Work!

Following a brief flurry of activity in late March/early April, things have quietened down again. However thats not to say there hasn't been anything to see........a (big) Canada Goose arrived on 4th, a Grasshopper Warbler on 8th (which was singing at Schoolton the following morning), a Lapland Bunting on 9th, a Sand Martin on 10th, Whimbrel & Arctic Skua on 12th and a fine male Garganey on 14th. Aside from these there has been a trickle of Chiffchaffs, Wheatears and finches with the odd Willow Warbler, Black Redstart, Dunnock and Reed Bunting thrown in. Bonxies are up to around 30 and a similar number of Wheatears are back - many still sporting their colour rings from previous years. And on that note - three colour ringed Twite have arrived, one of which we had ringed (without colour rings) back in 2008!! Jack caught a Long-eared Owl in the Gully this morning whilst two Rooks have been trapped in seperate gardens!

Meanwhile, the Bird Observatory is progressing. A large shipment of furniture arrived on the Snolda ferry last week and with the help of a large team of islanders and their lorries, tractors and trailers it was all delivered up to the Obs and into the building in 2 and 1/2 hours. The bedroom furniture was all put in-situ and three men that came with it stayed behind to unwrap and fit legs and handles. The lounge & dining rooms furniture had to be left stacked in the Interpretitive Room until a later date, when we'll have somewhere to put it. Its always a bit nailbiting having to choose so much stuff from photos on the Internet without seeing/feeling it in the flesh but myself & Hollie are delighted with all the furniture we chose. Sterling Furniture ( have delivered us good quality furniture and overcome the difficulties of getting it to us - even with the original vessel, The Filla, having an accident just two days prior to our needing it and being taken out of commission which meant that they could not bring the large lorry they were hoping to bring to Fair Isle with all the furniture inside and it all had to be manhandled on/off the Snolda. The two new generators have also arrived and we now have power! Just the water pipe, gas supply, main staircase, kitchen, lounge, library, shop to go now......and not forgetting the Bar!!

The wee kids are all home again and the big one back in Lerwick as the Easter Holidays come to an end and school starts once again. They had a great time ski-ing, although Ythan wanted to come home after falling over for the umpteenth time on his first day, but he was much better after that and even did some wee jumps by the end of the week!
Lambing started last Friday, so there are a few bleary-eyed crofters around now and the Neder Taft coo had her calf - a bonnie bull - this afternoon! And we have a (less bonnie) bull of our own - Alan Bull - who has come to help out for a week or so! Nice to see ya Bully!

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