Friday, 20 May 2011

Having a quail of a time.

Yesterday saw very strong westerly winds and not many new birds about, although a cracking male Grey-headed Wagtail that had turned up on Wednesday at Da Water was still present. A half hour attempt from the top of Malcolm's Head to cash in on the spring skua migration that the Western Isles and western Shetland enjoys was entirely fruitless, although I'm sure there's potential for it to be more successful in the future.

Today began wet (very wet) and with the winds set to be strong westerly again. Despite this unpromising forecast, you soon come to expect the unusual on Fair Isle and this morning's surprise was the best views I've ever had of Quail, with one parading around just outside the lounge. The Subalpine Warbler is still here as well (he's been around long enough to get a name and he's now referred to as 'Alby’); not a bad couple of birds without having to leave the Obs!

Although the views were fantastic, the fact he was feeding between two strips of fence does make the pictures look a bit like he's in a cage, which he isn't!

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  1. I hope the spiral trap I built is still kicking about on that magic isle???? Sounds like a perfect candidate for a bit of post waxwing action! Keep up the Great Work Guys


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