Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's the final countdown...

There are only two days left to go of the season - where have the last six months gone?! We've already said goodbye to a couple of staff as Marilyn and Carrie have left, good luck, safe journies and many, many thanks for your work this year. I'll try to find time for a full update of recent sightings later (although there are no 'major' rares to report) but in the meantime, a couple of quick bits of news:

For anyone wanting the chance to own a genuine hand-knitted Fair Isle Kep, make sure you visit Tommy's blog: where you'll find details of six that are being auctioned to raise funds for the Fair Isle museum (bidding for the first one ends this afternoon).

The weather has finally seen some improvements in terms of the transport to the island, with planes making it in on Thursday for the first time since the previous Friday morning. Not only did that mean a lot of post finally making it to us, but it also saw the return of what seemed like half the islanders who had got stuck on the mainland. As our weekly paper, the Fair Isle Times, is normally produced by the school we thought we would have to do without one (the teaching staff were amongst those unable to make it back on time), that is until an 'unofficial' version appeared:

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