Friday, 23 March 2012


A couple of days of rather spring like weather have been matched by a few birds on the move. Yesterday saw the first Chiffchaff (trapped in the Obs garden) and the mistnets at the Obs turned up the second today. There was also a Black Redstart at the Obs today and two Snow Buntings at Stackhoull, with a small number of Goldcrests, Blackbirds and Redwings also around. A few Pied Wagtails were moving north overhead this evening and Meadow Pipits are now widely scattered across the island as spring continues its unstoppable march (there could be a pun in there somewhere).
A conundrum as to whether to count Long-eared Owl on the year list based on fresh looking pellets in the Obs garden yesterday was rendered redundant when, as I was planting a few cuttings at dusk, a Redwing shot out of the roses alarming like crazy. Sure enough, it had been spooked by the LEO, which cruised just past me. My attempts to catch it by opening the net and hiding underneath it making squeaking noises didn't work, although the Owl did circle low over the top of me before giving me a look that somehow managed to combine scorn and pity (not bad for a bird!) and heading off into the night.
A general build up of waders has been matched by a decline in many of the wintering birds, although the goose flock is still worth a look as birds start to head back to breeding grounds, with three Beans present earlier in the week (there has to be a salad based joke in there somewhere, a FIBO car sticker to the first person to come up with something suitable as I have to go and have dinner now).
First seen on Wednesday, this Taiga Bean Goose has been hanging around with Greylags during the week.

Whilst the two Tundras preferred life on their own and were showing very well in the paddock below School yesterday. Note the much neater look of the adult at the rear compared to the more diffusely patterned and scalloped youngster.

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