Sunday, 20 May 2012

BB before Breakfast

I seem to recall a post last year linking a 'night in ale' with a nightingale as the Haa played host to a few FIBO staff watching the Champions League Final and a Thrush Nightingale on the same day. History didn't quite repeat itself this year, but after being invited round last night again by Tommy to watch the football (an exciting match as well, even if extra time and penalties did result in a late Log) this morning saw a Thrush Nightingale trapped in the Gully.
Yesterday the wind started swinging to the North-east and a Shorelark turned up as a hopeful indicator of things to come. This morning the excitment was too much for me and I was up at 4am to open the nets before morning traps. A male Pied Fly in the nets was worth the early start and the trap round also produced Sparrowhawk and male Redstart as well as the aforementioned star bird. Spotted Flycatcher, 3 Redwing and Lesser Whitethroat were all also seen, showing that there are birds in. With census still to come, we're hoping that there'll be a few more things found, although I'm pretty happy with the day so far!
It's a boy! Good start to the day.

Last year's Sprosser was a skulker in the Haa garden, this is the first I've seen the hand.
Little beauty. What else is lurking out there today...

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