Monday, 13 May 2013

Make Mine a Danish.

13th May
A brisk SSW wind saw few new arrivals, although the first Garden Warbler of the year was found at the Haa amongst a small increase in warbler numbers. A Black-tailed Godwit was at Barkland before joining the Oystercatcher flock at Shirva, but otherwise there were very few new additions to the Log. The Red-breasted Flycatcher had relocated to the Obs garden and two Red-backed Shrikes (the male at Chalet and a female still roaming the Boini Mire and surrounding area) were still present as were two Short-eared Owls. A juvenile Swallow (presumably the bird seen earlier in the week) was found dead in one of the buildings at North Haven, a sad end of for a bird that had already had a remarkable life, wherever it had come from.
Three Common ('Mealy') Redpolls have been caught recently, including this one with a orangey poll.
The species hogging the headlines today though was Bonxie, with early morning traps producing a bird in the Double Dyke trap! It seemed to have been chased into the trap by a resident pair, which were standing guard outside allowing it to be caught. Surprisingly, it was found to be wearing a Danish ring, perhaps indicating it was a bird ringed in the Faroes. It seemed in good condition, with no obvious injuries and the typical feistiness in the hand of an adult Bonxie, but sadly it was found dead later – it will be sent off for analysis, which will hopefully establish a cause of death. On a happier note for the species, the first Bonxie egg was noted today on Hoini, as the seabird breeding season continues to slowly get going.
Welcome back! The first Bonxie egg of the year is defended in typically robust fashion by one of the parents.
Another day with strong winds from the south is forecast for tomorrow, but Wednesday still looks promising and I’m hopeful we’ll have a few more good birds soon.

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