Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thats Champion Darts!

The snow has certainly gone and for the most part it has remained a few degrees above freezing, which has helped the half dozen Skylarks, Chaffinch and multitude of thrushes to survive. Greylag Geese are still everywhere with the six Brents and single Barnacle Goose and Bean Goose with them. Lapwings number 15, Golden Plover 7 and Curlew 25. One or two Woodcock are still around but 3 Wigeon are new.
There were hundreds of Guillemots ashore on Sunday (6th) for the first time this year.

Around the isle, farm animals are all surviving well - all being fed on hay or haylage and a few getting added hardfeed.
At Burkle, kids are also thriving though Ythan looks funny now he's lost his two front teeth! Number one son however, has just started his higher prelims with English on Monday but as with most teenage boys when his parents eagerly try to find out how it went..... it was "Okay!"

On Saturday, Darts Club held their annual social. Each darts club member brought his partner along and we all played each other for the Fair Isle Darts Trophy, with a break in between for some fabulous curries!! Alcohol was imbibed too! Most years this prestigous prize seems to end up at Setter but this year there was a three-way tie after all the games had been played and there was a nailbiting play-off for the trophy; all six players had to throw three darts each and the highest team score won. Well done Stackhoull!!!!.................and no, Burkle didn't make the final!

The Obs site is desolate.......all the workmen are away on leave. First ones are back again on Friday!

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