Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Wheel of Fortune!

Its been a quiet few days on the birding front with a Tundra Bean Goose the only thing new.

A bit of rain last night washed most of the snow away. Will that be the last??

One plane (from Orkney) got in and the Good Shepherd sailed yesterday. The majority of the workmen escaped for a week or so of home-time, leaving just a few to handle the supplies off the boat that evening - yet more plasterboard, rolls and rolls of insulation, a load of doors and some mirrors! There hasn't been any transport on/off the isle for a week so the boat was fairly laden, including 40 barrels of fuel, c100 bags of coal and 18 sacks of mail!

Stewart Thomson of Shirva has made a spinning wheel from bits of wood from the old obs and the new obs. As with all his wheels it is a beautiful work of art and turns silently and smoothly. He has kindly donated it to us to raise funds for New Obs Appeal. The appeal has gone well so far, but donations have almost reached a standstill, though we only have £25,000 left to raise for furniture. We hope Stewart's hand-crafted wheel no. 106 will bring in a few hundred pounds or more - after all it is a unique piece! See the FIBO homepage ( for details.

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