Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bring me sunshine.

15th January 2013

The Obs from North Haven - a good place to look for sheltering seabirds.
A quiet day bird-wise, but an absolutely stunning one, with Fair Isle enjoying calm weather, with blue skies and sunshine and just a light (but chilly) easterly breeze. The Greenland White-fronted Goose remained as did the Red-breasted Merganser in North Haven but there was no sign of the Ring-billed Gull today (although it has been coming and going since its arrival). The main sighting of interest was provided by  thrushes, with minimum counts (I didn't get round the whole island) of 55 Fieldfare, 43 Blackbird, 36 Redwing and 3 Song Thrush suggesting a small arrival (the precursor of more cold-weather related arrivals?). Two Lapwing and a Woodcock could also have been new, but the Water Rails at Gilsetter and Meadow Burn were probably both wintering birds.
Not a cloud in sight. The view from Pund towards Hill Dyke (beyond which lies 'the North', the wild uplands of Fair Isle!)
The view east from Malcolm's Head. A Mars Bar to anyone who can name all the crofts pictured (in order from left to right).* I'd never really noticed the large cross made by the ditches. 'X' marks the spot?
The sun going down behind the Holms, on which there were  lots of Fulmars and plenty of Guillemots.

South Light, I think that's Tommy and Henry getting views of the sunset. Anyone who didn't see Winterwatch  on BBC should check it out on the i-player, Henry (and a lot of Waxwings) starred in an excellent piece about Fair Isle.
Fair Isle - beautiful all year round.

*terms and conditions apply. If the big SE winds kick off and we get no food for two weeks the Warden reserves the right to eat the prize.

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