Monday, 7 January 2013

The kind of bill I don't mind getting in January.

7th January 2013
It's been a slow start to birding since the epic(ish) New Year's Day birding. I've been busy preparing for a meeting in Aberdeen (wish me luck for two nights in a row on the ferry) and catching up on the paperwork, so I've not been out too much. A walk in the North produced some lovely views, but not many birds (3 Blackbirds were the only non-resident birds seen).
Fair Isle is still just as beautiful in the winter, especially on days like this one. Grace and I took advantage of the weather and made it to the top of Ward Hill, although just as we got there the cloud dropped and we had our picnic is zero visibility!
Easter Lother beach covered in seals, notice the white one highest up the beach; a late pup.
The year list had therefore stayed stuck on 44 until this morning when a rather splendid male Crossbill appeared in the Obs garden, an unusual winter record.
The Christmas wreath bird-feeder (a present from my parents) proved its worth  when it attracted this beauty.
The Nyjer seed feeder was also used as this hungry finch searched for any morsels that will enable it to build up the strength to continue to more suitable habitat for its early breeding season.
What a stunner and a nice splash of colour amongst the more regular  garden birds (currently Starling, Rock Dove, House Sparrow, Blackbird and a Robin).
Who knows what  will be the next new bird to turn up, hopefully it will at least wait until I'm back from the Mainland!

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