Friday, 18 September 2009

Double Figures!

I missed another posting last night due to 'a stop press space-filling Fair Isle Times emergency' from Lise at 1830hrs. Then, moments after I'd agreed to get something to her that night, Robert texted me.... 'we thought we'd start Darts club tonight, usual time usual place'.....What? We don't start Darts club til after the last Lerwick boat, usually the first week of October!! I informed him of my promise and said I'd try and get along. Anyway, I rapidly (well, rapid for me) typed up a page of how the 2009 seabird season went and she seemed pleased (relieved) with that and got to Darts just after 9pm.
The other big news from yesterday was that Fyntan reached double figures - he is TEN! and very proud. Unfortunately it wasn't all fun & games for him as on the way to school he came off his bike and really hurt his knee. Raven & Ythan raced to Quoy and raised the alarm and he was taken to the nurse by Stewart. Patched up, he then had to come home to recuperate. However, by lunchtime he had recovered enough to go to school - in time for a loud rendition of 'Happy Birthday' and a Smartie encrusted cake!

There appears to have been little in the way of arrivals the past couple of days but definitely some departures, however the Arctic Warbler, Yellow-browed Warbler and at least one Common Rosefinch are still here on a gloriously warm, bright day with a light SW'ly wind. The only arrival of note (so far) is the first Richard's Pipit of the autumn.

Back to was a pleasant evening despite my top score only being a couple of 100s. Robert claimed top prize by somehow achieving 156......and no treble 18s involved!!!

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