Thursday, 24 September 2009


The relentless strong westerly winds and showers continue and hence there is very little exciting to report on the bird front - a few more Snow and Lapland Buntings perhaps and the Richard's Pipit remains. A Robin is new at the Mast......where on this date last year I was showing people a Brown Flycatcher!! What a difference a year makes!! A few other things were seen however - Peregrine & Merlin, Cormorant, Garden Warbler, an abietinus Chiffchaff, a Chaffinch, a new 'northwestern' Common Redpoll and 6 Linnets are also new.
The Burkle ringing list is set to increase as Phil Harris, who is staying with us here with Becca Nason (yet another ex-AW), has cleared and baited a patch for a whoosh-net.
Myself and Hollie visited the Obs site to answer a few queries the workmen had and also had a good look around inside. Its coming on! Meanwhile, Terry Todd and his digger were hard at work outside, landscaping the excess topsoil into an area of wee pools for waders etc
Sounds like Darts club tonight may be very busy!

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