Monday, 15 August 2011

Barry in the Bag!

Many years ago, when I worked on the rather splendid Farne Islands, a long-staying Barred Warbler that lived outside the cottage on Brownsman became known as Barry (he was often the only migrant on the islands, so we all became quite attached to him). Ever since then, the Class of Brownsman '03 have referred to these magnificent warblers as 'Barrys', you have to admit, it does fit them quite nicely! I thought I should explain this now as no doubt at some point in the future I'll refer to a 'Barry' in the blog out of force of habit, so now you'll know what I'm talking about. They are a regular autumn migrant to Fair Isle, so perhaps one could have been predicted this week, but it was still good going for Becki to pull one out of the mist net about five minutes after catching a Garden Warbler and saying 'there could still be time for a Barred this evening'!
Although there was no sign of any of the rarities today, a Common Rosefinch was also ringed. Interestingly, both of these birds were carrying quite a bit of fat (the Rosefinch especially so), suggesting that they had perhaps only come a short way on the latest leg of their migration. Perhaps the Rosefinch even knew what it was doing as it was an adult and therefore may have made this journey before. All interesting stuff, it woudl be fantastic if we were lucky enough to get a recovery from that one which would help to prove (or otherwise) our theories. Fingers crossed that she ends up in a mist net near you sometime soon.

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