Friday, 19 August 2011

Making a Splash.

An amazing day for cetaceans, with it seeming impossible at times not to see a Porpoise. OK, maybe they weren't quite that common, but the incredibly calm seas saw minimum counts today of 17 Harbour Porpoise, 30 White-sided Dolphins, 6 Risso's Dolphins and two unidentified dolphins, not bad at all!
Things were quieter on land, although a Common Rosefinch briefly at the Obs was a promising sign. Barred Warblers had built up to three on Wednesday, with just one yesterday and none seen today. A few signs of migration have been noted as the autumn creeps steadily along, with Meadow Pipits, Common Gulls and Swifts all seen heading south.
Wildfowl and wader numbers are rarely particularly large on Fair Isle, but a steady trickle have been noted this week, including up to 12 Teal on Da Water.
The rain and strong south-easterly wind outside as I write this are perhaps good signs for tomorrow, but I'll admit to being a little bit distracted by tomorrow's football fixtures. I'll not tell you which game in particular it is that is causing me great anxiety, but don't expect me to answer my phone from midday tomorrow for a couple of hours and don't expect any updates here for a few days if the result goes the wrong way!

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