Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Return of the Wag

Another lovely sunny day with the added bonus of the Citrine Wagtail reappearing at Da Water and showing fairly well, albeit a bit jumpily as it commuted between here and Kirk Myre. It also called a lot, as this species is wont to do, aiding its location.
Although generally easily spooked by people, when a Merlin passed over the Citrine Wagtail crouched on the ground for about five minutes. Here it is in a more relaxed pose.
The Barred Warbler remained in the Obs garden (along with Reed, Garden and Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff) with another found in the south of the island (at Haa, then seen later at Leogh). A few other birds were new in, with two Pied Flycatcher, three Ruff, over 20 Swift, a Merlin and a Sparrowhawk all showing that there were new arrivals. With the wind now back in the east and forecast to stay there until tomorrow we'll be looking forward to more new arrivals soon hopefully.
This Sand Martin was with the growing Swift flock at North Light.
The day ended with some more excitement when a group of around five Risso's Dolphins passed the Havens, allowing a dozen or so people to dash up to North Light and get brief views of these spectacular animals. A probable White-beaked Dolphin was also seen from the Good Shepherd, although views were brief (and many of the passengers were concentrating on other things, as is sometimes the way on the crossing!) so its identity couldn't be confirmed.
Only one of the Risso's passed close to the Lighthouse, note the scars and scratches that are typical of this species.
A BB rarity, a couple of scarce birds, new migrants and dolphins and all in beautiful weather. Does it get better than this?

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