Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mainly east or southeast 5 or 6, occasionally 7, decreasing 4 at times.

The Rosefinch count was up to six on Sunday evening as they came into roost and we managed to catch three of them yesterday, all juveniles, whilst the red male was seen again but avoided the traps. Two Barred Warblers and two Black Redstarts were the other highlights from yesterday's census.
A 'new' Barred Warbler appeared in the Obs garden (the previous two here were both ringed)
One of the Barred Warblers was trapped this morning in the Obs mistnets, the third to be caught this autumn. It was also a good night for Storm Petrels, with 114 trapped.

Barred Warbler in the hand.
Today has started as another beautiful sunny day, but the wind is freshening from the east and the forecast looks promising for more birds. All the scarcities so far this week have arrived on predominantly westerly winds, so with the shipping forecast promising great things, the excitement amongst the wardening team is palpable and you can expect more updates here fairly soon...
'Dennis' our semi-resident Whooper Swan seems to be thinking about migrating. He's spent the last couple of weeks on the same small headland on one of the most southerly points of Meoness staring out to sea.

Although the breeding season has come to an end for many species, we did ring two young Snipe chicks yesterday, whilst this Blackbird at Houll is a reminder of their first breeding on the island since 1973!

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