Sunday 1 November 2009


Following a very clear, bright night (all the witches could be clearly seen flying around on their broomsticks!) the morning dawned grey & dull with a brisk (and increasing) SE'ly wind. I ventured north but it was rather quiet as most of the thrushes must have departed overnight. It did however make it easier to sift through those that were left, in search for some thing different......but the best I could find was a Mistle Thrush (and Jack found one in the South too). An adult male Sparrowhawk was doing its best to (permanently) reduce numbers further and a Long-eared Owl sitting quietly on the cliff at Guidicum was no doubt planning to do the same, once darkness fell!! A Black Redstart on the Peat Road has been there for a week or so now.
Jack phoned to say there were now THREE Woodlarks at Neder Taft!!! When I got back, I looked it up - that is the highest number seen together on Fair Isle since a flock of 15 on 11th October 1948!! Cool! Jack also found a Moorhen at Springfield.
The rain arrived at 2pm, making a very dull gloomy day even duller and gloomier (and wetter!).

It was the Harvest Festival in the afternoon and Hollie and the bairns went along to the Hall to see what was what and returned an hour and half later laden down with lots of nice things to eat.....and read!

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