Monday 1 March 2010

A Winters Tale!

So much for hoping we'd seen the back of winter! This past week has been dominated by more snow. I bet the Skylarks and waders that have ventured back north must have felt their urge was somewhat premature! There has been little new to report but some goose movement means we now have a Pinkfoot with the Barnacle, Bean, Brents and Greylags!
I received news from the BTO of a nice Long-Eared Owl recovery, which you can read about at
The snow has meant that the kids have been able to try out their new sledges and all received a thumbs up! Lachlan has also at last come home for a very long weekend to recuperate after his higher prelims, in which he did exceedingy well.
The lads up at the Obs have found it very cold going this week and I have the greatest admiration for them for ploughing on regardless. With the Good Shepherd away on its annual re-fit, the Snolda is due in tomorrow with a load more supplies, including (I think) at least one of the staircases!
And finally a plea - does anyone know of any good 'spinners' websites where we could advertise our Fair Isle spinning wheel auction?


  1. The weavers and spinners guild has a website you could try?


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