Tuesday 25 October 2011

Fair Isle: Southeasterly severe gale force 9 continuing.

Breaking waves around the island have covered everything in salt: tough on binoculars, plant life and fancy hair styles.
Well, so far it hasn't really happened for us. The SE winds are here but have been blowing gale force for the day. Unfortunately it has made birding very difficult - when you're lying on your stomach trying to look over Guidicum and it still feels like the wind is about to roll you over, it’s probably time to accept defeat and leave the geos unbirded. What was even more frustrating was that the few areas that could be seen into seemed to hold good numbers of thrushes, with a few Blackcaps, Chaffinches etc also flitting around.
The view from Dutfield, notice the waves breaking over the tip of Buness in the background, it really is a big sea.
The weather seems set to continue in a similar fashion tomorrow, so even if the birds are coming in, we might struggle to find them.
A Greylag Goose became the 88th species to be ringed at the Obs this year.
Lets focus on the positives though: tomorrow’s charts look even better for birds arriving; there are almost certainly things on the island waiting to be found; the winds have got to ease sometime! Signs of arrivals today included four Greenfinches (at Haa and Burkle), a Short-eared Owl on Buness that was presumably a new bird and a brief sighting of a probable ringtail Harrier sp. at the back of Ward Hill whilst two Common Scoter off South Light were new for the month.

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