Saturday 5 November 2011


OK, so the birding maybe wasn’t explosive, but the fireworks weren’t entirely confined to the bonfire at South Light. Unstreaked Acros are maybe not the Roman Candles of the bird world, but one at Dronger eventually showed well enough to identify it as Blyth’s Reed Warbler. That was the main highlight, and some birds appeared to have cleared out, but Robin numbers were up and a small number of Chiffchaffs were scattered around. A Waxwing flew out of the Plantation this morning during the sheep round up (which was also good for getting several sightings of Woodcock and Short-eared Owl!). A Black Redstart at the Obs for its second day was still active several hours after dark, feeding around the external lights!

The Obs garden held a good scatter of migrants, with 3 Brambling dropping in during the afternoon.
With a lovely sunny day and little wind, conditions were great for birding and hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same, and perhaps a few more birds.
The bonfire and fireworks at South Light were great (many thanks to those who organised them) although Grace didn't like the 'bangy ones' so spent most of the time hiding,

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