Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Today brought some heavy snow, with quite a lot lying this morning, although it had mostly melted by this afternoon as the sun came out. Census was tricky at times and generally involved enjoying the views rather than seeing any birds.
With the temperature dropping, the Obs garden has been busy. This Twite has been around since early March (when it was caught in the spiral trap): it was first ringed in Orkney in December 2009 and was also seen on Fair Isle in April 2011.
This Pied Wagtail has evaded the traps, but a series of photos of it running around in the garden revealed the ring number and showed it to have been ringed at the Obs in June 2010 (when it was aged as having hatched in 2009) alongside two juveniles, so it may well have been a breeding bird from the island. Pied Wagtails leave Fair Isle in the winter, so this bird has put in a few miles over the last few years.
Ravens weren't bothered by the conditions and seemed to actually be enjoying the weather!
Unusually for Fair Isle, the Ravens were in a flock, with up to 16 being rather sociable together.

Various seabirds were still on the cliffs, including these Fulmars which seemed nonplussed with the snow.

A Ringed Plover at North Light, looking as if it is wondering whether it may have been a bit hasty in its northerly migration.
The Green-winged Teal and Ring Ouzel remained today, there were also Jack Snipe, Iceland Gull and Chiffchaff, but otherwise it was quiet. Maybe tomorrow the calmer conditions will bring a few birds, if not there'll be an update in a few days when there's something to report!

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