Tuesday 22 May 2012

Still they come.

The light easterly breezes continue to deliver birds (along with sunshine and mild temperatures) and today's highlights included: Red-rumped Swallow (at almost exactly the same place as last year's bird at Utra, a great find by David Back), the Thrush Nightingale still at the Obs, 7 Red-backed Shrikes (including a fine male caught in the Plantation), 4 Icterine Warblers (including three trapped and ringed), 2 Wryneck, Bluethroat, 2 Common Rosefinch, Long-eared Owl, 2 Grey-headed Wagtails and Ring Ouzel, along with an increase of common migrants (eg 14 Spotted Flycatcher). Fantastic stuff and really wonderful birding, there were a lot of happy faces in the bar for Log tonight (and not just because of the hot chocolate).
Yesterday saw a good selction including: Thrush Nightingale, Nightingale, 2 Red-backed Shrike, Wryneck, Icterine Warbler, Common Rosefinch and Wood Warbler.
I don't have pictures of today's birds though, as following Sunday's late night phone call from Lerwick, arrangements were made for me to leave the island on Monday and visit Susannah and our new daughter, Freyja. Mother and daughter are both healthy and doing well and will hopefully be back on the island on Thursday. I'll not be posting lots of baby photos, but I hope you'll excuse a proud father just this once.
Born on 20th May at 9.41pm weighing in at 9lb 1.5oz, Freyja 'Hoopoe' Parnaby (don't worry, I didn't really get to add the 'bird of the day' to her name).


  1. Congrats! soooooo cute!!! from Tommy ,Liz & Henry

  2. Aw what a lovely picture! And such a beautiful name. Glad they're both doing well :)

  3. Congratulations to all of you!


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