Tuesday, 26 June 2012

June bugs

The River Warbler is still in the Obs garden (where it pops out for short spells feeding in the open) where there is also a Marsh Warbler. A couple of Crossbills were a sign that birds are still moving, but generally there was not much to report today.
Other wildlife is starting to feature more heavily in the Log, with two Painted Ladies and a few Red Admirals appearing in the last couple of days, along with a handful of Silver-Y moths, although the moth trap is generally still quite quiet. Two Minke Whales were seen just off Sumburgh Head (outside of Fair Isle waters) by the crew of the Good Shepherd today, but cetaceans are still lacking off the island.

Silver-Y. This day-flying migrant moth can appear in large numbers across the island, but only a few have turned up so far this year. This one was caught in the moth trap last night.
True Lovers' Knot. A heather loving species that can appear by the dozen in the trap, but has only just started emerging - this one trapped last night was the first of the year.
A river runs through it. Well, actually, the River Warbler is round the corner in the Obs plantation, but this view from the Warden's office window is quite pleasing and the wildflowers hold a good variety of insects, which do attract various warblers.

Today is Hattie's last night on Fair Isle after being Bar Volunteer for the last two months at the Obs, many thanks for your time and effort Hatts - cheers!


  1. Hi guys, just so you know, I'm told that a pod of 6 Orcas were seen off of Papa Westray yesterday (Tuesday 26th) heading North. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them as I was on Westray! Noooo!! Thought I should let you guys know a bit sooner this time! Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah - still no sign of them here and we've had a couple of lovely flat calm days, so would have been perfect if they had been around. Anytime now though, surely...


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