Thursday 2 August 2012

Autumn 2012: availability and special offers

Visit in the autumn and you'll see Fair Isle Wren, but who knows what migrants will drop in.

The Obs has now closed for ten days to give staff the chance for a break, although there are still enough people here to take bookings and hopefully find some good birds! We are now taking bookings for accommodation in 2013, but we also still have some spaces in autumn 2012.

August: there are still some spaces scattered from 11th onwards, the whole month qualifies for a discounted rate of 25% off standard room rates. There’ll be Storm Petrel ringing when the weather allows and migrants will include scarcities like Barred Warbler and Common Rosefinch, with the month also having a good track record for rarities like Arctic Warbler, Thrush Nightingale and Citrine Wagtail (along with Pallid Harrier and Great Snipe in August 2011). Recent years have produced Grey-necked Bunting, Siberian Accentor and Syke’s Warbler in August in Norway, so perhaps that gives a hint of things to come…

September: late cancellations mean we’ve still got rooms right up until the 23rd. Anyone in Shetland who fancies popping over to get a taste of the place for one night could do worse than take up the spare room available on the 28th. The Young Person discount (£30 per night full board for under 21s) applies up to 15th September. There’s surely no need to mention the possibilities for the birds you could see in September on Fair Isle…

October: Rooms are available from 4th October to the end of the month. From 13th October there’s a discounted rate of £45 per night per person (full board). For many years in the early 2000s, the 3rd week of October was the time to visit Fair Isle, with a string of megas appearing; who knows what you could turn up if you visit this year…

To make a booking, give us a ring or drop an email with the dates you’d like to visit. If we’ve got availability, we’ll pencil you in whilst you confirm transport – only after that is sorted will you pay us a deposit (the remainder of the bill is paid when you are on the island). All prices are full board in en-suite rooms. Call us on 01595 760258 or email for enquiries.

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