Thursday, 16 June 2011

Arrivals continue.

A busy day of seabird work, but a few new birds in, with my highlight being a Hobby that whizzed underneath me as I stoon on the cliffs at Furse. The steady easterly breeze hinted at birds coming in and a Turtle Dove at Meoness was certainly a new arrival. An unstreaked Acrocephalus warbler at Chalet proved elusive although a brief snatch of song hinted at Reed rather than Marsh.
After many hours wandering and miles covered, it turned out that my best birding came from the van as I headed home from counting Fulmars in South Harbour. The Turtle Dove relocated to the road at Quoy, the Acro was seen briefly at Chalet, the Woodchat reappeared on the road at Field and the Hobby was found on a fencepost near the Shrike, not a bad few minute's driving! 

Yesterday's Woodchat remained, but didn't show itself until 6pm when it was in the Field area again.
A Hobby fly past at Furse was all too brief, but the bird was relocated near Field later.
You aint seen me, roit? Ringed Plover chick hiding near Wirvie Burn.
Away from the migrants, it was pleasing to spend the day wandering amongst baby birds on the uplands, with Wheatears, Meadow Pipits and Twite families abounding and careful searching amongst the heather finding Bonxie chicks and a variety of waders - all very pleasant.
The day ended with the breeze still blowing steadily from the east, so more birds are certainly possible, perhaps the switch back to westerlies on Friday will perform the usual trick of dropping something unusual in.

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