Thursday, 9 June 2011

Going Greenish

After a few days of easterly, the wind has switched to the southwest and, as is often the way on Fair Isle, it is this change of wind direction that drops a few birds in. Tommy at Auld Haa phoned to say he had an Icterine Warbler and a phyllosc with wing bars in his garden. A few minutes later and Jason was on the scene to confirm Tommy's suspicions - Greenish Warbler! The bird showed well as it followed a feeding circuit around the front and back of Haa and across to Skerryholm. At one point it was chased off by the Icterine Warbler - they were the only two warblers I saw in the garden on my visit down there, a very Fair Isle experience! Another Icterine Warbler turned up at South Naaversgill and other birds today included Crossbill and Short-eared Owl, whilst a male Bluethroat was found yesterday by one of the islanders (seven year old Robyn!).
A lucky shot as it bounced past briefly alighting on a fence.

The supercilium meeting in front of the eye is a good ID pointer and this bird was also heard calling.

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