Sunday, 26 June 2011


A bright start to yesterday gave way to blustery SE winds and persistent rain, far more autumnal than summer weather (but then we are past the longest day I suppose). This morning is much birghter, but there is nothing new in to report so far. Perhaps the big one is lurking out there somewhere though...
An entertaining check of the breeding bonxies yesterday saw me take a couple of mighty boots to the head, the first time I've had a proper kicking off them. For those that haven't had the pleasure, it's certainly a good deterrent measure when it comes to protecting their eggs and chicks!

Feet down ready to kick, screaming and generally appearing as a terrifying 'tank of a bird' (good description Jason!).

That's what all the fuss is about, a Bonxie chick.

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  1. The bonxies are stunning. I remember them vividly from my visit last year (and so does my mum, especially because she was their main target). When I came home they were mostly what I talked about and my boyfriend said, "Your view of reality has been skua'd."


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