Monday, 6 June 2011

Fun in the Sun.

Another lovely day, the spare engine was fixed, the Zodiac was seaworthy and off we went.
Monitoring Puffins on Greenholm (a small islet off the south of Fair Isle). Getting close to Fulmars is a constant danger, but Jason knows no fear!
Thanks to Deryk for helping out during the day.

A quick check of Guillemots on the way back showed that the ledges were not exactly packed, although it will be a few weeks before our monitoring reveals how things have changed since last year.

Sheep Rock from the east - that slope is where the sheep were taken up from boats, a dramatic way of crofting that is no longer carried out.
Everyone enjoys the sunshine, although Grace goes to the beach in any weather!
Anything that involves Zodiacs and seabirds will always be fun and today was certainly no exception. The main purpose of the day was to monitor the Puffins on Greenholm. Recently hatched chicks were found, but it's too early to say how they'll do, we'll find out in later visits during the summer.
The flat seas resulted in our first cetacean sighting for quite some time when two Porpoise were seen from South Light, not quite as dramatic as the five Killer Whales seen to the south of us off North Ronaldsay but very pleasant none the less.
On the bird front, migration is slowing down but Hobby and Yellow Wagtail were seen yesterday and a Wood Warbler was trapped at the Obs today, whilst the Crossbill invasion gathers pace (eight were seen today: a flock consisting of two red, two orange, two green and two brown birds!). A large pipit flying over the Obs was probably a Tawny, but could not be relocated, hopefully something for tomorrow...

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