Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Longest Day.

Midsummer on Fair Isle, the party rages on at South Light, although without the wardens who are rather caught up in the seabird season, so have all chickened out early! We’re slowly ticking off the list of jobs as the summer progresses, with the good news coming from Gannets and Fulmars, both of which have shown population increases. Not all species are doing so well though; I watched a young Kittiwake today pecking repeatedly at its parent’s bill hoping for food. It’s prospects looked bleak at best, not least as its sibling was already lying dead in the nest beside it. As a Warden it’s hard to watch this kind of thing. The flat calm sea, with virtually no birds fishing in it told its own story and really should make people think about what we’re doing to our most valuable habitat.

On a slightly more cheery note, migration is continuing slowly with the occasional new migrant still being pulled out the traps including two Marsh Warblers this week, one of which has spent a few nights singing in the Observatory garden.

This Fair Isle Wren has been singing its heart out on the Obs fence recently, as the staff whose windows face out onto its territory will tell you!

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