Friday, 24 June 2011

No 'arm done! *

There’s been a bit of drama for the family today when a slip from Grace saw her unable to use her right elbow properly and leaving her in some discomfort. The good folk at Direct Flight managed to squeeze Susannah and Grace onto the flight to Lerwick this morning and the Doctors popped the ligaments back into place. They’re both back on the island in time for tonight’s Fair Isle Thursday (it’s always a Fair Isle Thursday, whatever day it is actually on) with a talk by Dave Wheeler about the landscapes of Fair Isle and music from Fridarey, always an entertaining night.

Grace putting her newly fixed arm to good use.
Seabird work continues at full throttle (although that’s perhaps not the best phrase to describe the boat work as the Zodiac’s engine seems a bit temperamental at best), although still with the same sad results of dying auk chicks and virtually absent Shags.
A long way down (and back up again).
South Naaversgill as viewed from the bottom.
Searching for seabird nests.
Jason reflects on another job well done.
A female Red-backed Shrike at Barkland yesterday was the latest scarcity to turn up and today’s sightings included a rather unseasonal Redwing. More south-easterly winds are forecast for tomorrow, so perhaps there’s still time for something else…

* Punny headline © my Grandpa Parnaby!

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