Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Sun.

We hear that there's a heatwave in parts of the country? It's not quite reached that up here (in fact yesterday, at 12.1 degrees, Fair Isle was the coolest place in Britain) but as Dave Wheeler the island's resident weatherman has pointed out, we reached a very warm and pleasant 14 degrees today with 14 hours of warm sunshine and the island is looking generally beautiful. We look set to get a few more days of good weather yet, so hopefully everything will run smoothly for the official opening on Saturday.

Strange lumpy clouds yesterday that look like they've crashed into something on the horizon and are piling up.
Today saw much bluer skies with just the odd wisp overhead.
Bird wise it is about as quiet as would be expected at this time of year, although a few birds are obviously starting to move south with juvenile Cuckoo (on Sunday) and five young Siskins (today) showing the wonders of migration. These birds would have been eggs a few weeks ago, probably in a nest in Scandinavia and yet are now crossing the North Sea by themselves (and in the case of the Cuckoo at least, without anyone to tell it where to go). 

Spot the Wardens. Will and Jason counting gull nests on Goorn (notice the angry gulls overhead).

Home sweet home. The Obs in its peaceful and picturesque setting.
Tonight saw one of the big events of the year with the school's end of term concert - a fantastic showing of music, singing and various other talents from the kids and a chance to wish good luck to those who are moving on to Anderson High in Lerwick next year. The packed hall (I didn't get an exact count, but there were more people in the audience than live on the island) all appreciated the pupil's efforts, whilst I surely wasn't the only one to marvel at the Lego electric guitar!

Grace enjoyed the concert!
It might be a little while until the next update as the next few days are bound to be busy, but who knows, maybe I'll be able to report something interesting turning up soon (it felt like Bee-eater weather today!).

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