Thursday, 23 June 2011

The summer days continue with more seabird work, although yesterday was a slightly depressing one as it became apparent that Shag numbers in the population plots are well down and that the auks are struggling, with a number of dead and dying Guillemot and Razorbill chicks found.

Migration is not quite at an end, with Blackcap and Spotted Flycatcher both caught and ringed yesterday and the trap rounds always throw up the chance of a good catch of Starlings, with the youngsters not yet as smart as the adult birds in avoiding the traps.

It’s also busy around the Obs as we prepare for our ‘official opening’ in just over a week’s time. Thankfully, with such a new building handed over to us in such a good condition by Hollie and Deryk, there aren’t many big jobs that need doing (although an official opening in the winter would have meant it didn’t clash with such a busy time for guests and seabird work!). One of the remaining tasks has been installing Sheila Scott’s artwork in the Visitor Centre, it’s looking really good in there now, so I’ll get some pictures posted when it’s all finished.

In the meantime, there are seabirds to count, migrants to look for and grounds to be tidied, so I’d best be off.
Charlotte (our domestic volunteer) and Ed do a great job in the garden and, who knows, maybe the blue overall look will catch on down south when Charlotte heads home? 

Moon over Sheep Rock, despite the Simmer Dim, we still get a bit of nightime here.

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