Friday, 3 June 2011

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Dave Wheeler, Fair Isle's resident weather man, has reported that the 18 degrees that the temperature hit today is the highest recorded on the island since June 2009! At times it did feel somewhat sweltering and there are wardens and visitors now wandering around in various shades of pink. The summery feel was further helped by a profusion of young birds, with fledged Starlings abounding in the south of the island and the first House Sparrow and Rock Pipit chicks venturing out of their nests.
Scarcer birds were represented by the Eastern Subalpine Warbler singing in the garden, a few reports of Crossbills totalling a minimum of six birds (perhaps the start of an invasion?), our second Common Buzzard of the year circling high north, a Common Rosefinch and the pretty much resident Canada Goose! Only a few birds were trapped but did include a Whitethroat with a well developed brood patch.

All in all a good day, although the Zodiac's maiden voyage was somewhat overshadowed by the spare engine breaking as soon as it was used - not ideal as we approach a busy season of seabird work. Still, I'm sure we'll manage to get it up and running soon (I don't fancy the idea of having to row round the island to count all the Fulmars!).

The answer to the Ringed Plover question from yesterday - can you see the nest yet?

After having the first clutch predated, these Ringed Plovers have found a natural cage in which to try their second attempt - a smart bit of thinking and good luck to them! If you check yesterday's picture, you can just make out the incubating bird's head!

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  1. I'll help count the Fulmars! (Yes, I know only a tourist would be that enthusiastic...) :)


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