Thursday, 30 June 2011

Killer Whales, killer views!

Perhaps more so than any other call, the cry of 'Killer Whales!' down the phone is guaranteed to empty the Obs. Soup was left cooling in the bowls as Will's shift during the 24 hour Guillemot feeding watch was interrupted by a group of Orca offshore from Roskillie. Soon there were people dashing about all over the place as the animals showed incredibly well then made their way to the south of the island where the rounders match was temporarily abandoned and the island kids got to join in the excitement. After a prolonged show, they headed south out to sea. Wow.

A big bull Killer Whale being followed by two synchronised females as they head between Buness and Sheep Rock

The group (minus the bull who remained distantly offshore) then came into South Harbour where they were hunting seals, although apparently without success.

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