Saturday 17 October 2009

Burkle Tattie Harvest

Whilst having a cup of tea first thing, I scanned the garden with the kitchen binoculars and spied yesterday evening's interesting Lesser Whitethroat. Wellies on, grabbed my Leicas and camera and rushed outside (making sure Lubo did not follow me). It still looked very interesting, small and pale with hardly any contrast between head and mantle and a very short primary projection and a very white outer tail. I called 'the boys' and proceeded to try and get some snaps as it fed in the rough grass next to our tattie/cabbage/kale patch. The boys arrived and after field views and photographs, we erected a net and caught it. A whole suite of measurements were taken and it seems to fit Desert Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca minula) best of all. The Yellow-browed Warbler was flitting around the garden too.

And that was as good as it got today! There were very few thrushes and the only other bit of interest was provided by a dozen or so 'eastern' Chiffchaffs.

The ponies were taken out yet again as it was so calm and dry and even Hollie was onboard for a short time today!
We lifted our tatties - two whole fish boxes worth! Should keep us in mash for a few weeks!
I can't believe Celtic only drew against lowly Motherwell!!.......and Newcastle lost to Forest!

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