Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Home Alone!

Bird News:
A moderate SW'ly wind gradually increased through the day, making birding difficult by mid-afternoon and it was a severe gale by the evening.
Having said that, birds were arriving - most notably Redwings and Bramblings with around 2,000 of the former and 90 of the latter. Accompanying the Redwings were c200 Song Thrush, 50 Blackbird and five Ring Ouzel but just two Fieldfare. Other highlights were a Yellow-browed Warbler in Klingers Geo, a Little Bunting at North Haven (which was almost certainly seen briefly yesterday by our resident Yankee, Auld Haa Tommy!), a Common Rosefinch with a flock of 60 Bramblings at Quoy and the ringed Bluethroat again.
There was another Great Snipe shout but yet again we were left without verification! There were a fair few of its mini cousin around though, with at least 15 Jack Snipe logged.

Burkle News:
Today, the house smells of cabbage, Red Cabbage to be exact!!
The three young bairns have all come down with a lousy cough/cold so calpol, hot-water bottles and early beds for next few nights.
Hollie can't walk properly - keep fit started again last night!
Lubo has started to shred yet another of his beds and we have also had to remove all the hat/glove boxes from the porch to prevent them befalling the same fate!
Chickens have started to decrease their laying rate so we are now down to six eggs a day.
Courgette plants are however still producing.
One of the Chillies has turned red!
I think the ponies may have forgotten who Hollie is!!!
Its been really great having Becca, Phil and Martin staying with us and its now rather strange to have the house to ourselves for a while!

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