Thursday 6 May 2010

Blue Lightning!

Barely a bird to mention today - apart that is from the Great Grey Shrike I had for a few moments at Field Ditch this morning. Whilst texting the news out, it disappeared and was not seen again!!!
A number of trace nests are now on the Kittiwake plots and Guillemot attendance is very high so the first eggs must be imminent.
The Good Shepherd did her first Lerwick run of the year and returned with the first visitors for Ann Cleeves' book celebration this weekend - including the author herself. All six passengers survived the trip well -despite an increasing cool NE'ly wind. Ann Cleeves has written a quartet of crime novels set in Shetland and the last of these 'Blue Lightning' is based on Fair Isle - with a murder in the 'fictional' Bird Observatory!!!! Visit her website for more information.
The New Obs is coming on, slowly - but that is hardly surpising as there only five men there at present! Two more are due tomorrow! The Obs team are however making the most of it in the Puffinn and have spent the day cooking for the meal at the Hall on Sunday, whilst Carrie has been acquainting herself with our brand new printer/photocopier and preparing Welcome Packs for the B&B guests and the first Cruiseships, due in next week.

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