Monday, 10 May 2010

Raven is Nine!

Light SE'ly then NE'ly winds brought in a few common migrants on 7th, including a couple of Pied Flycatcher and at least three Sedge Warblers which were both new for the year. A scattering of hirundines, Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps plus the odd Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Grasshopper Warbler and a few finches made it feel like something really was happening! A Common Crossbill flew over on 8th and the following day, Adam had a most unexpected visitor to one of his Wheatear feeding stations on the west cliffs - a Little Bunting!!!

The two Dotterel remained throughout, commuting between Busta Brecks and Meoness.

The Ann Cleeves weekend went really very well. Copious amounts of food was prepared and cooked by our Puffinn Ladies and Hollie plus Ingrid Eunson and a few islanders. Shetland Smoked Salmon & Mussels plus wine and Shetland Beer had been provided by our guests. Around 100 people gathered at the Hall on Sunday evening to participate. Everyone ate heartily and there was still loads of food left! We then listened to Ann talking about and reading from her Shetland Quartet of crime novels, interspersed with music from Fair Isle's worldfamous fiddle player, Chris Stout. This was followed with more music from Chris and he even played 'Happy Birthday' to Robyn Wiseman (who turned seven that day) and to our Raven (who was to be nine today). Several islanders then got their instruments out and tunes played on until the power went off at 11.30pm. Some people continued to party after that!!!!!

This morning arrived with a cold cold northerly wind, with brief bright periods between the hail showers and snow showers! It has to be the coldest day in May I have ever known. The first Cruiseship of the season arrived at 08.30 and must have wondered how far north they had actually arrived!!! Nevertheless, all 150 passengers that disembarked seemed satisfied with their views of seabirds, the museum, stained glass windows and the island crafts and enjoyed their chats with FIBO experts and 'the natives'.

Its hard to believe that my little girl is NINE but we barely had time, once the kids were all ready for school, to let Raven open a few presents before I had to go to meet the ship. She opened the rest after school (luckily the postman arrived with some during the day!!). It was a modest pile, I think the toy Lubo (Collie dog) and the Harry Potter DVD set were the favourites but she seemed pleased with them all.

Meanwhile, the ponies must have thought it was their Birthday too as we moved them to a new pasture today, bursting with new fresh grass. We'll have to ration their access to it for the first week or so, or else they will balloon!!!

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