Saturday 27 October 2012

Got It!

27th October
A morning spent helping to round up the hill sheep made me wonder if doing our good deed for the day would be rewarded...
When we finished promptly and had an hour before lunch, it was inevitable that we'd head to the Haa. Very soon Jason picked up a 'suspicious' bird that dropped into the Walli Burn - and when it didn't come up from where it had landed we were hopeful that we were onto our prize. Eventually it gave us a good fly past view, then over the next wee while spent its time doing a circuit of ditches, burns and dykes around the Haa area.
Naturally, I was never really going to tick it off the views I had on that first day at Schoolton (!), but it's firmly inked onto my list now.
Siberian Rubythroat, what a way to round off an excellent season.
There she goes!

Taking cover.
Distant views - but at least they were views! The local Starling has obviously seen all this sort of stuff before and isn't really bothered!


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