Saturday 6 October 2012

No let up.

6th October
The 4th October finally saw a break in the arrival of BB rarities, although there was still the lingering Lanceolated Warbler in the Field Ditch, whilst elsewhere on the island there were still two Richard’s Pipits, a Great Northern Diver offshore and four Goldfinch.
A calm, sunny day on 5th was pleasant enough to set out on census in a t-shirt (albeit a long-sleeved one). The Lancie and a Richard’s Pipit were both still present, although it was clear that new migrants were limited. That didn’t stop a return to the run of BBs though, as a Citrine Wagtail flew south over the assembled masses at the Sheep Cru (where the hill sheep had just been gathered) before being relocated at the mouth of the Walli Burn where it showed very well at times. A new Barred Warbler at Setter and a Garden Warbler on Buness were about the only other new arrivals.
Our 5th Citrine Wagtail of the autumn in another outstanding year for this species on Fair Isle.
Today has started with a cold, NW wind, but there are birds in. A noticeable, although modest, arrival of Redwings, a passage of Greylag Geese and a Chiffchaff at the Plantation that was certainly of eastern origin were the early signs of promise, and expectations were met with a fine Black-throated Thrush found near the Hill Dyke before settling in fields between Chalet and Upper Stoneybrek with Redwings. 
A smart bird, although views were mostly distant. It had the decency to turn up just before the morning plane, allowing departing guests to be ferried up to see it before catching their flight.
The 13th Black-throated Thrush for Fair Isle, the first was found in December, there have been two April records and the remaining ten have been October discoveries.

Nobody’s complaining with that for a start to the weekend, but there’s also a feeling that there could be another bird or two out there today...

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