Monday 18 January 2010

Field Cormorant!

The sun came out for a couple of hours today, lifting the temperature to nearly 8C. Lubo and I stomped around the south for three hours, flushing 42 Common Snipe and a single Jack Snipe plus a Short-eared Owl (which may well be an overwintering bird) and a couple of Woodcock. The Goldeneye was still present in South Harbour and there are now 8 Dunlin foraging with 40+ Turnstone at Gaila. Thrushes are still in evidence, including the Mistle Thrush at Kenaby and there were 7 Snow Buntings foraging around Leogh. The strangest sighting however was a Cormorant standing in a field, surrounded by sheep, at Houll!! It was apparently seen yesterday on various small ponds on the isle and although it can fly it surely can't be healthy!?

Hollie took advantage of the nicer weather to walk to meet the kids from school and walk down the east road to Kenaby to feed the ponies. This prompted the said beasts (the ponies not the children) to vacate their small area of hard standing by the gate and hay rack and trot the full length of the field to meet them!
I went to Fire Training instead whereupon we emptied the appliance of water during our annual pressure testing of all the hoses. All are sound! We then refilled it at the Vaadal Reservoir.
In the office, major headaches. My computer is really, really slow whilst Hollie's just turns itself off after five minutes!! We are looking into replacements but the choice is bewildering!! Help!!!
We are also in the process of seeking quotes for furniture for the New Obs - how exciting!

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