Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Windy Forecast!

Not much to report today with a jaunt round the south as far as the school indicating there was no noticeable difference in bird numbers or species. The day started off fairly calm and mild but was turning cooler and the wind picking up by the afternoon. The Good Shepherd returned before it got too bad (says I who wasn't on it!!)! I spent the afternoon on the computer, mostly sorting out data/articles etc for other people and preparing for leaving the isle tomorrow.

I'm away sooth for a Directors meeting in Inverness on Thursday. Wind is due to ease by the morning so I should get out. However getting back on Friday already looks like its not going to happen! It looks like it may ease for the weekend before picking up again on Monday. I just hope that Direct Flight will fly on Saturday - the High School bairns are also due back for the weekend, so that may encourage them to fly!

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