Friday, 29 January 2010

Home at Last!

Well, two days away for a 4 hour meeting turned into five days due to a combination of poor weather and a shortage of pilots at Direct Flight. The High School bairns never got home either, so at least it meant I could spend the weekend with Lachlan...........which was nice!
Anyway, I got home on Monday morning to find that six pale-bellied Brent Geese had arrived during my absence. Lubo was very excited to see me (even more so than my wife and children!) and insisited I take him out for a walk. There are now even more thrushes around with c150 Fieldfare, c60 Redwing, 35 Blackbird, a couple of Song Thrush and a Mistle Thrush dominating the counts. Waders around the past few days include 12 Golden Plover, 12 Lapwing 3 Dunlin and 20 Curlew but also a couple of Oystercatchers (27th) and a Knot (28th). At least 5 Skylark, 9 Snow Buntings and the male Chaffinch are still thriving. The Coot however is not and now resides in my freezer!
Strong northerly winds and snow arrived today (29th) and is expected to last into next week, so we'll see how things cope with the latest bout of wintry weather.

Last weeks Directors meeting in Inverness was highly productive, trying to (among other things) organise who we want to/should/can invite to the grand opening on 19th June!!
Todays snow caused school to be cancelled but it was too windy and there is not enough snow yet to contemplate sledging. I meanwhile spent a few hours stood on the back of trailer being driven around the roads, sweeping salt onto the roads. The sudden severely strong gusts of wind made this a hazardous occupation and I nearly came off - but just the once! The ponies are not enjoying this cold (windchill of -8C) but they are now getting hardfeed and ample hay and Storm has his comfy rug on (Bijoux IS a rug!). The chickens are bravely battling on and frequently deliver us a full eight eggs.
Up at the Obs the guys are working hard and a noticeable difference is evident downstairs now. We have been (yet again) measuring up for furniture and today Hollie put an order in for a whole pile of beds and dining room furniture!!!!!

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