Saturday 24 July 2010

Its a Wrap!

A Common Rosefinch was discovered near the shop yesterday (23rd) evening. It was trapped in the Plantation today and found to be an adult female. A Quail was flushed near Kenaby, four Common Crossbills were at Schoolton and a Green Sandpiper in the Gully.
Mali (Fulmar) season started this week and its been quite amusing introducing our young volunteers to this (smelly) aspect of Observatory work!! Storm Petrel ringing also kicked off but the first night was so bright that only six were trapped - all who attended were delighted though!
Its been a hectic three of days cutting & baling silage around the isle. It is very much a community effort. One person goes round on a tractor cutting a section of ever croft's crop, another wuffles, then the rows are tidied up by hand rake, ready for the baler. The tractor comes round again the following day baling the small round bales, several bodies then load them onto a trailer and deliver to the plastic-wrapping and stacking team. Unfortunately, today with only a couple of crofts left to do a prolonged heavy shower went through, soaking the grass and workers alike. Thankfully, it did stop after 30 minutes or so without harming the product too much and we were able to finish just after 2pm today........until the next dry spell! We also clipped our ten sheep yesterday, with help from Becki, Lachlan, Calum and the 'assistance' of a couple of FIBO guests! Hollie's little muscles are now complaining!!!
Personal highlight of the past few days has been the return home of Fyntan, Raven & Ythan. Its great to see their jovial little faces, all brown from their adventure to the 'tropical south' complete with new haircuts, shoes, clothes etc.

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