Wednesday 28 July 2010

Just another day, another year older!

The first Willow Warbler of the autumn - a yellow juvenile - was in the Plantation on 26th, with further singles on subsequent days at Burkle and Chalet. Also on 26th, the first juvenile Dunlin were at Easter Lother and a Sanderling on North Haven beach plus a Great Northern Diver in Finniequoy. A couple of Siskin have been knocking about whilst the singing male Sedge Warbler at Schoolton Ditch has found a mate! He has been observed chasing and feeding her and one observer thought she was carrying nesting material!!
At the Obs, things are happening on the building front once again. A team of five men arrived yesterday (27th) to begin making sense of what is still to be done, what materials are here and what still needs to be purchased.
The Good Shepherd also ran yesterday and returned laden with 8 huge pallets of stuff tightly wrapped in black plastic, all addressed to me! Wow! Lots of presents for my birthday!!? Well, not quite, it was furniture from Hollie's parents for Burkle and the Warden's house at the Obs. It is now all stacked up in the workshop at Burkle, all that is except for my & Hollie's new bed, which I put together immediately as we had removed our futon base earlier in the day in preparation. After 11 years of sleeping virtually on the floor we now have a proper bed!!! Thanks Mum!
The kids (well 75% of them) made me some delightful Birthday cards and I even got a beautifully drawn effort from Callum. In the evening, following the obligatory rendition of 'Happy Birthday' at the Obs dinner table I received more cards, a toolbox, cordless drill and a chainsaw.........and some glowing balls!!?!

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