Thursday 22 July 2010

High Hirundines!

Pretty quiet on the birding front lately with Sanderling, Swift, lingering Garden Warbler and Willow Warbler the highlights. Some excitement on this mornings early trapround was provided by a Swallow (a rare capture here) in the Vaadal. Simon sprinted after it, losing a boot in the process, splashed through the stream and expertly guided the bird into the catching box.......only to discover it was one he ringed in the nest at the Mast a fortnight ago!! Speaking of Swallows, the nest in the new Obs garage must be (judging by the noise and pile of poo below) ready to ring now, however (such is the enormity of the said construction) I don't have a long enough ladder to reach them!! I may have to call in the Fire Brigade!
We are getting close to finalising a team to continue with the Obs building work and hope to have half a dozen men, under the authority of the Northmen, here next week to press on with it. Who knows, I may be able to get to live in the new Obs after all - instead of having to commute all the way from Burkle each day!!
At Burkle, Lachlan has some company, other than the dog. His friend Calum Williamson from Lerwick has come over for ten days to get involved. He also has (as does Lachlan) a biology project to devise and carry out, however the one he came up with is not really suitable at this time of year so I am trying to help him come up with another worthwhile project - not that easy to do in such a short space of time. Any suggestions? LC is doing his on Puffins and their breeding success related to diet - a bit of a cheat as that is part of what we at FIBO do but I suppose its more the exercise than the results that matter.
Ok, Robert's just come in........better go and do the Bar order!

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