Monday, 25 April 2011

Eyes to the Skies!

A Buzzard was found by Jane (who should have been looking at Starlings really!) as it headed south over Buness but North Ronaldsay Bird Obs have just been in touch (thanks guys) to say that a White-tailed Eagle has just headed high north from them. No time to type anything else, I'm out to look up! I'll keep you posted.
The Buzzard, but is there something bigger on the way...


  1. COME ON SUNDERLAND!!! Love the bar 'improvements' and us Farne boys will be checking out you blog for the season - good luck and its already been a cracking start for you. Keep on blogging! Steely and the Farnes team.

  2. Hello Farne Islands this is Fair Isle calling!
    We've been keeping an eye on your blog as well (and I'd recommend that others do the same), it sounds like a good start all round to the season down there. Fingers crossed that the good weather continues and your early seabird season develops into a successful one.
    Best wishes
    Parners and the FIBO team.


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