Sunday, 24 April 2011

Last Orders!

I'm not sure that I would say it has ever been a major ambition of mine to ring the bell for last orders at a pub, but it turns out it is quite fun! Tonight was a dance at the Obs, a perfect chance for our staff to say hello to the islanders and it all seemed to go well, although I didn't really get to see much of anyone as I was behind the bar for the night. The biggest talking point seemed to be my decorations behind the bar, which weren't universally popular (but if you can't display a model of the Stadium of Light, a 1973 FA Cup final scarf and a cuddly Samson the cat on a day when Sunderland have just won 4-2 and surely secured their Premiership status for another season, then when can you?).

Bird wise it was also a good day with the first Grasshopper Warbler of the year trapped in Double Dyke (a ridiculously showy individual which performed incredibly well upon release at the Obs), a Lesser Whitethroat trapped in Double Dyke (also the first of the year) and a Whitethroat at Barkland (another year tick!), around six Ring Ouzel, five Fieldfare (the first for a few weeks), a couple of Yellow Wagtails and Tree Pipits and a Waxwing at the Haa, which may well have been the bird I later saw flying around at Furse.

After a quick sprint to bag a Ring Ouzel in Double Dyke I was a bit disappointed to get back to find the hot water tank had just sprung a leak and so I had to hand it over to Jessica to ring whilst I went to check out the problem! It wasn't a major issue in the end and hopefully we will get the new hot water tank next week anyway, and I've been promised a pint by Jess for the ringing tick!

A Raven at Wester Lother. He's a regular up there so we have a bit of a chat every three days when I'm on North Census!

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