Wednesday 20 April 2011

The wind did make it round to the east and there have certainly been a few more birds, with a stunning Redstart trapped in the Gully this morning along with several Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs scattered around the island. Mist and drizzle has swirled around at times, but when the sun has come out it has been very pleasant with hundreds of Wheatears about the island and even a few migrants bursting into song on their way through (a Brambling in the Obs garden was a 'singing tick' for a few people today).

Fair Isle Wren in the Obs Garden 'habitat pile'.

The Good Shepherd also arrived today bringing more staff and researchers to the Obs and the place is starting to get a bit of a bustle to it (helped by a massive food order also coming in, so boxes and packets are stacked everywhere). No cetaceans were seen from the boat but bird sightings included a warbler (probably a Blackcap) heading south to Fair Isle from Shetland that Jane would have identified positively it if she'd dared to leave go of the handrails - I guess it wasn't the smoothest ever crossing!

Everyone at the Obs (and on the island) is helping to muck in with things as we get nearer the start of the season (Assistant Warden Jason Moss being a very useful babysitter!) and it's getting very exciting as the first guests are only a couple of weeks away now.

Sunday's Bluethroat (by Jason Moss). It had a curious habit of
holding its wings out as if trying to make itself look larger.

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